Ever since I can remember I wanted to grow something. I’ve wanted my hands in the dirt doing something worthwhile that will impact others.
I didn’t find flowers. Flowers found me.

I grew up living in a small town in Northeast Kansas yearning for more space to flourish.  At 18 I got a job working for Pendleton’s Country Market. They are a family owned farm just outside of Lawrence, KS.  There, is where I got my hands dirty fell in love with horticulture. I’d day dream of running a little produce farm like the one I was working on. I decided to pursue my Associates degree in Horticulture at Johnson County Community College. For my final school project I had to complete an internship. Not wanting to find a new job I decided to explore the flower farming side of Pendleton’s. I learned a lot about growing, harvesting and processing cut flowers. Karen would let me work with her on weddings doing things like wrapping boutonnieres and gradually do more.
In the Fall of 2010 I was graced with the privilege to go to the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers conference! There is where I realized my dream to be flower farmer. It was an AMAZING experience! Life changing! Now I wanted to do nothing else but grow flowers but I’d often say to myself “I never want to be a florist! It’s too stressful.”
Never say never!
While discovering my love for flowers I was also discovering my love for Mark. We fell in love at 18 and were married by 20.  Being young and in love doesn’t lend itself well to having the money needed to buying a farm and starting a business. We got married the day after I completed my Associates and while Mark still had a year of school to complete. We were poor, but felt so rich. We lived in a TINY apartment that was worthy of being condemned, but all you need is love, right? It was cheap!
In the months before our wedding I began job hunting. I came across a floral designer position at a grocery store. Knowing I was way under qualified and would only be able to work every other weekend until we were married, I applied. It doesn’t hurt to try. Well, I got the job. I was now a florist! Shortly after we were married I became full time. I was blessed with an amazing manager that taught me how to be a floral designer. I fell in love once again. First with flower farming, then with Mark and finally floral design.  

I wasn’t done falling in love. I got pregnant not too long after Mark and I were married. Babies have a way of slowing life down a bit, or maybe speeding it up! Now at 25 years old we have three beautiful daughters and own a little farm in Southeast Kansas. It’s a place to grow flowers and a place to design them.